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Science Olympiad 2017



Starting this year, almost all of the science classes will start implementing the new science integrated NGSS standards.  If you would like more information, visit State NGSS.


Will Rogers Science Department

Welcome to the Will Rogers Science Department. We feel the the science is crucial for not only developing an appreciation and understanding of the natural world around us, but necessary to help develop critical thinking skills needed for everyday life.

Starting with sixth grade Earth Science, students are exposed to a variety of learning experiences incorporating hands-on lab activities, computer/technology, and textbook knowledge to help develop their understanding of subject matter. 

Students with interest in science activities are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as Science Olympiad, science fairs, misc sponsored competitions (i.e. Edison Challenge and Quick Science) and Math Counts. Science electives, such as Global Inquiry and Robotics, may also be offered.

To the left you will find a link to the on-line textbook which is an excellent resource. The book has an audio version (your textbook can be read to you), interactive activities designed to support the chapters and many other resources. There is also homework help and and encyclopedia. Your students should have been give a log-in at the beginning of the year. If have have forgotten it, please have them talk to their science teacher about getting another copy of it.

Select the grade level to the left to be directed to Grade Level Science Information. Also included to the left is a ling to PowerSchool (grades) and science teacher links.


Required Science Paperwork

Because science involves activities which could be potentially dangerous to the student or others, they are REQUIRED to pass a safety test with 100%. This is because safety is not a 70%, 80% or even 90% pass... they must know all the safety rules. Students should study the rules so they pass the test first time. Re-tests are at teachers convenience and are the responsibility to complete. Students will not be allowed to participate until they pass the test. Click here to download the rules and here for a copy of the test.

Edison Challenge Students Get Best Lesson Plan Award
Edison Challenge Students Get Best Lesson Plan Award

Fun Science Sites!

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