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Lawndale Education Foundation Grants

New Lab Safety Equipment

This year Will Rogers Middle School Science Teachers received a grant for much needed safety equipment.  The new standards are very lab/activity centered and we needed to have the capability to safely run multiple labs at the same time, both in and out of the Science Lab(s). We had equipment, but it was limited and aging -- we were in desperate need of more safety goggles and a way to quickly "sanitize" them in between classes.  While students are in the lab, the teachers always emphasize Lab Safety and the importance of it in the lab.P1030817

Above is one of the two new UV sterilizers.  As the kids finish up with the labs, they slide in all of their goggles and crank this baby on!  Fifteen minutes later, the next class pulls them out and slides them on ready to go.  There is one in the 6th grade life science lab as well.  Yahoo, goggles have never been so easy to handle (and germ free).  

In addition to each science teacher getting a class set of goggles, each lab has a set of safety aprons.  The kids are set for chemistry! 


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Carts/trays help Make every room a Lab.

We also receives a grant making it possible (and easier) for teachers to host labs in their classrooms.  Ed Foundations purchased a mobile cart for each teacher as well as lab trays.  You just roll your cart over to the lab, set it up, and roll it back to your classroom.  You can even cool it to another teacher so they don't have to set the whole thing up again.


Lab Trays (these are teal) make it easy to set up and tear down labs for multiple classes.  All you equipment can be easily checked.

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The lab carts also make it possible to start a activity in the lab and move it to your classroom.  All the mess can start there and the fun can continue in the classroom easily.   Ed Foundation not only made these activities easier, they helped make it so more teachers can do similar activities at the same time.