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Helping Hands

Northrop Helping Hands (volunteers)
Helping Hands Flyer
Trip to Northrop Grumman's Fab Lab

We are looking for donations!

The hands need parts.  We need help buying the parts and are looking for donations for:

Description Qty Per Hand Part Number Manufacturer Source
2 inch one piece Velcro, 75ft roll 18 94905K73 McMasterCarr McMasterCarr
Closed cell medical foam pad 1/8x6x72   081184704 Patterson Medical Amazon
Micro Gel finger tips size 3 5 S61030 Lee Tippi Amazon
500M 100lb super Dyneema Strong Braided Fishing line   ASIN: B009661Y72   Amazon
Zortrax Filament Green   10533 Zortrax Amazon
Zortrax Filament Red   10537 Zortrax Amazon
Zortrax Filament Blue   10531 Zortrax Amazon