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GPA Calculator


  1. Download the GPA calculator Excel file.
  2. Request a "Historical Grades" printout from your counselor.
  3. Enter you letter grades on the GPA calculator spreadsheet. Remember to enter one letter grade for each class and trimester that you have received a grade.
  4. Next, enter the course credits that each class was worth. Enter 3 credits for a one period class, 6 credits for a two period "block" class (ex. 6th grade Language Arts), and 1.5 credits for classes you attend every other week (6th grade PE or 6th grade electives).
  5. The numbers on the right side of the worksheet are your Trimester GPA, Grade Level GPA and Overall GPA.

If you have questions about the worksheet, see your counselor or Mr. Foster.

How to Calculate Cumulative GPA