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Safety is important!
Safety is important!

8th Grade Science 2018-19

Welcome to Science 8 2018-19

Welcome new students and parents.  I hope this year will be a remarkable year for your student's growth in both analytical thinking and problem solving.  Besides emphasis on the NGSS curriculum, students will be learning to work in groups and trouble shoot failure.  Previously, failure may have been associated with not doing any work (and that earns an "F").  This is not the way it works in science.  Working hard to solve problems often results in failure (first idea usually not work) and then the learning begins.  This is new to most students (the idea of not giving up and thinking of how to fix/change the solution).


As part of group activities, students will take on roles that they are not used to being in: leading, communicating, material management (being organized), designing (drawing and labeling plans).  That "uncomfortable" feeling will happen enough that it may start to become "comfortable".    I hope by the end of the year, students know what they are good at and that they can still be successful at things even if it is not their favorite thing to do.  I hope by the end of the year that students will have a better appreciation for all types of thinkers/doers (introverts, extroverts, leaders, followers, etc).


Email is the easiest way to get a hold of me.  I am involved in all sorts of other extra curricular activities on and off campus.


It's going to be a great year!


Week of 03/11/19 - History of Earth

M- CAST practice #3

TU - Quiz Section 1 (History of Earth)

TH - Finish Notes section 2/Finish "Earth is Borne"

F - Section 2 quiz/Section 3 Notes

Week of 02/18/19

M - Holiday

Tu -F - eCybermission; rubrics due Friday/Mission folders due Friday

Week of 02/11/19

M - Holiday

Tu - grade checks due, eCybermission; last day to present to go out to classrooms; post surveys due; reviewing rubric

W/TH - Unit 2 explore/explain review; take home unit 2/task 1 assessment; grade checks 90% (calling home if they did it get it signed if grade is less than an "A").

F - eCybermission; rubrics drafted; grade checks 80%

Week of 02/4/19

M - Ecyber; review of scientific method; presentations; make-up work time after school; rubrics

Tu- content Unit 2

w - Make up work time after school

Th- Labs; Phases of the moon; Eclipses;  make-up work time before school; during lunch; after school

F - gradechecks; eCyber

Week of 01/28/19

XC - 2 gently loved books

M - Solar system "poster" bring coloring supplies

Tu - eCybermission

W/TH - Unit 2, Task 1 resource cards 1-3 (Exploring)

F - eCybermission

Week of 01/21/19

XC - 2 gently loved books

M - MLK Holiday

Tu - eCybermission

W/TH - eCybermission/Parent Conferences

F - Parent Conferences

Week of 01/14/19

M/Tu/F - eCybermission

TH - Launch Unit 2/Grande notebooks

Week of 12/17/18

M - eCybermission polishing prob/sol & work on coaster Presentation

TU - Coaster presentation/Awards Assembly

TH- coaster presentations

F - finish coaster presentation/demobe coasters

Week of 12/10/18

M - project presentation time

TU - project presentations

W/TH - project presentations/S4 Newtons Laws

F - S5 Gravity

Week of 12.5.18

M - Acceleration/Coaster make-up time 3-4 pm

Tu - Motion and Forces

W - 3-4 Coaster Make-up Time

TH - Presentations

F - 8th grade Field trip

Week of 11.26.18 - coasters

M - 20 seconds due score final at 4 pm.

Tu - Presentation information/content

TH - Prepare for Coaster Oral Presentation/Motion Final/content

F (sub/conference) - Prepare for Coaster Oral Presentation/Motion Final

Week of 11.12.18

M - Holiday

Tu/Th - build goal:  10 seconds by 10 minutes before end of Thursday's class.

F - working on 20 sec/max time

Week if 11.05.18 (these assignments are in T2, extra credit T1)

M -  PRC turns/tracks

       set up notebooks for energy

       XC ecybermission Cyberchat 3-4 in room 24

TU - Energy Transformations

W/TH - 1/2 period energy content/1/2 period PRC Building

F - PRC - Build day

Week of 10.29.18

eCybermission/Set-up PRC

Week of 10/22/18

M - review notebooks; eCyber goal: Problem/Solution due

TU - Cardboard due;  eCyber goal: research solution (jump solutions today if needed)

Th - Start Papar roller coasters

F - Paper roller coasters

Week of 10/15/18

M - Virtual tour Nuclear Power Plant/eCybermission problem Rubric

TU- eCybermission Goal: problem due at end of period - use rubric to refine

TH -eCybermission Goal: generate possible solutions/problem solving video - scientific process

F - Colossal Collisions - Unit 1 Evidence to argue pages 22/23 in ISN (redo's)

Week of 10/8/18 - parent conferences

M -Unit 1 Task 3

  • check 2 questions page 22

  • Project Organizer T3 Page 23

  • Grade notebooks

Tu - eCybermission Goal:  Finish resources on topic and 10 citations

W - short period - eCybermission Goal: Choose a problem/parent conf

Th - short period - eCybermission Goal:  How does your problem relate to your community (it must directly or indirectly)?/parent conf

F - no students parent conferences

Week of 10/1/18

M - eCybermission resources/citation (grade)

Tu - Colossal Collisions Unit 1Task 3

Thur - Colossal Collisions Unit 1Task 3

F - Make-up work/"Sudden Impact"/leadershop out

Week of 9/24/18

M - Explore - finish trials

TU- Elaborate - set up designs to stop Asteroid - contact forces lab set up.

TH - Contact Forces Lab

F - E cybermission Research

Week of 9/17/18

M - finish test evidence cards/summarize

TU- CER/reflection Task 1

TH - computer log-ins/e-cybermission/CC Task 3 Contact force scenarios

F - Solution test trials (need supplies?)

Week of 9/10

 - Colossal Collisions Unit 1 (pdf)

- Back to School (pdf)

- extra credit - sign up for ecybermission (website) from home

Week of 9/3

Group Work/CER's 

Due 9/4:

Composition notebook set up (if you student brings one in- extra credit)

Due 8/31:

Safety contract(translatable)

Classroom management (translatable)

Ecybermission Parent Signatures (translatable)

Due 8/30:

Safety Test(translatable)

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 6.35.18 PM.png

8th Grade Skills:

  • SI units and conversions
  • able to use all lab equipment correctly and take accurate measurements
  • Able to Make a claim and provide evidence for an explanation (using evidence)

From 7th grade:

Using a triple beam balance:

Volume displacement for the rock:

Measuring a block of wood:

2011 SET Awards in October
2011 SET Awards in October