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3-D Letters/Class Sculpture

For the sculpture class's first sculpture I thought that we would do something that would ultimately be put together as a class effort. Each student would contribute their piece, and in the end we would have a group sculpture piece. Each student received a 3-D letter to decorate. Students did not get to choose their letter as I wanted them to get away from always doing their own initials and stretch themselves by having to come up with a theme for a letter that was a surprise. Once they received their letter they had to plan. 3 sketches of ideas that began with the letter, then we chose the best idea/ideas and they began. Each letter was to be covered with pics or fabric pertaining to the theme they chose, then have at least one 3-D item attached. My contribution was to create the base that all the letters would go on. Letters are done and will be attached to the base in time for the annual Student Art Show.

Uncorrected 002.jpg

Ali Moussawi

Uncorrected 001.jpg

Karisma Abrego

Uncorrected 003.jpg

Gerson Guerra

Uncorrected 004.jpg

Daijua Torrence

Uncorrected 005.jpg

Arkell Arnold

Uncorrected 006.jpg

Alexandra Quintana

Uncorrected 007.jpg

Moises Perez

Uncorrected 013.jpg

Denise Cobon

Uncorrected 014.jpg

Anaiee Aguilar

Uncorrected 015.jpg

Andre St. Aubin

Uncorrected 016.jpg

Maliya Bustamente

Uncorrected 017.jpg

Alyssa Abrahams

Uncorrected 018.jpg

Nelly De Arcos

Uncorrected 019.jpg

Christina Coca

Uncorrected 020.jpg

Alexandra Perez

Uncorrected 021.jpg

Christian Lalic

Uncorrected 022.jpg

Daniela Flores

Uncorrected 023.jpg

Natalie Tovar

Uncorrected 024.jpg

Andrea Contreras

Uncorrected 025.jpg

Janette Chavez

Uncorrected 026.jpg

Marbella Sanchez

Uncorrected 027.jpg

Anthony Mendoza

Uncorrected 028.jpg

Maria Franco

Uncorrected 029.jpg

Alissa Ciau

Uncorrected 030.jpg

Francesca Clemente

Uncorrected 031.jpg

Katherine Arevalo

Uncorrected 122.jpg

Briceida Martinez/Mendoza

Uncorrected 0261.jpg

Alexandra Perez