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Animal Pots

Students in ceramics have had instruction in the techniques of hand building, slab, pinch, and coil. Now that they have had experience in each technique, the projects become a bit more involved and it is up to the student to use whatever technique best fits the assignment. In this project they were to make a container/pot in which an animal figures in as the most important element. They were encouraged to try and pick an animal that other students wouldn't think of. Some students worked from memory, and some used visuals to help with the form. They each used a variety of techniques to build their piece.

Uncorrected 001.jpg

Kiandre Whitmore-Dolphin

Uncorrected 002.jpg

Anthony Barajas-Squirrel

Uncorrected 003.jpg

Alicia Jurado-Turtle

Uncorrected 004.jpg

Rachel Ellen Langan-Blowfish

Uncorrected 005.jpg

Erika Melendez-Dragon

Uncorrected 006.jpg

Jose Avila-Frog

Uncorrected 007.jpg

Jose Avila-Bear


Uncorrected 008.jpg

Ricky De La Rosa-Anteater

Uncorrected 009.jpg

Jesse Black-Dinosaur

Uncorrected 010.jpg

Chris Mendez-Cow

Uncorrected 011.jpg

Neil Chacon-Polar Bear

Uncorrected 012.jpg

Moises Contreras-Bull

Uncorrected 013.jpg

Noah Tamurang-Clown Fish

Uncorrected 014.jpg

Gerardo Chavez-Swordfish

Uncorrected 015.jpg

Steven Soto-Penguin

Uncorrected 016.jpg

David Ford-Kangaroo Dragon

Uncorrected 017.jpg

David Ford

Uncorrected 018.jpg

Bren Scott-Kangaroo

Uncorrected 019.jpg

Harrison Duong-Elephant

Uncorrected 020.jpg

James Duran-Turtle

Uncorrected 021.jpg

Jaime Perez-Duck

Uncorrected 022.jpg

Lolita Ro-Monkey

Uncorrected 024.jpg

Maha Furukh-Jelly Fish

Uncorrected 025.jpg

Sakia Fayyaz-Panda

Uncorrected 026.jpg

Steven Artiga-Tiger

Uncorrected 027.jpg

Cloe Ozog-Rabbit