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Abstract Sculptures With Clay and Metal

These sculptures were done as an "experiment" in using metal pieces along with the clay. Students were to come up with an abstract design that should be interesting from all sides/viewpoints, and which utilized a variety of available metal attachments. Interestingly enough, some of the metal completely disintegrated in the kiln, and other metal was fine. These are some of the pieces that stayed together and came out ok.

 Angela Sarmeinto.jpg.JPG

Angela Sarmiento

 Carmen Alatorre.jpg.JPG

Carmen Alatorre

 Brittany Martinez.jpg.JPG

Brittany Martinez

 Carolina Hurtado.jpg

Carolina Hurtado

 Daniel Arpajon.jpg.JPG

Daniel Arpajon

 Jessica Banuelos.jpg

Jessica Banuelos

 Noah Fletcher.jpg.JPG

Noah Fletcher

 Gissele Raudales.jpg.JPG

Gissele Rodales

 Mykal Green.jpg.JPG

Mykal Green

 Gloria Flores.jpg.JPG

Gloria Flores

 Sonia Cordova.jpg.JPG

Sonia Cordova