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Ms. Seiders

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Most of the work done in art is done in my classroom. It is very important that students be in school since it is difficult to make up an art project without the proper supplies, which you may not have handy at home. 

Students may make up work by making arrangements with me. They may RE-DO assignments that they receive poor grades on as long as they are turned in 4 days before the end of the grading period in question. In order to receive the higher grade, the work must be done BETTER than the first time, not just re-done the same way. Students may also take work home to work on if they need more time to complete the assignment. I accept late work, again, as long as it's turned in 4 days before the end of a grading period. 

An absence does NOT excuse students from doing an assignment and it is THEIR responsibility to keep themselves up to date on their work.

Extra credit is NOT given if a student has not done their regular work, HOWEVER, they can always obtain extra credit from me if they go to a Museum/Gallery. They just bring a note from you, signed, stating that they went to "blank" museum with you. OR they can bring a flyer, dated and signed by you.

**I teach my classes like a Middle School, in other words, STUDENTS are responsible for themselves and their work. THEY are the ones who earn their grades and citizenship marks. We must make them accountable for their school experience. 

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11/20/13 9:29 AM