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Hitchcock Collages

My homeroom students became very interested in Alfred Hitchcock after I read them a story from his book. I decided it was a "teachable moment" and a chance to introduce them to a bit of the history of movies. We looked at his biographical information and life, and they learned to dissect his suspense to see how he sets up a story. They also learned to explore the psychology of Hitchcock's characters which he was very interested in when he created his stories. In the course of study we watched:  "The 39 Steps", "Vertigo", "Rear Window", "The Birds", "The Lady Vanishes", and some of the episodes from his TV show "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". As a culminating activity they made these collages about Hitchcock and the movies/TV that they saw.

Uncorrected 073.jpg

Jordan Jackson

Uncorrected 074.jpg

Abel Goni

Uncorrected 075.jpg

Ibet Franco

Uncorrected 076.jpg

Huriel Vital

Uncorrected 077.jpg

Marshane Williams

Uncorrected 078.jpg

Mykel Briggs

Uncorrected 079.jpg

Melanie Palacios

Uncorrected 081.jpg

Alessandra Madrigal

Uncorrected 082.jpg

Stephanie Pasaye

Uncorrected 083.jpg

Rene Medina

Uncorrected 084.jpg

Gema Limones

Uncorrected 085.jpg

Chynna Cormier

Uncorrected 086.jpg

Fernanda Hurtado

Uncorrected 087.jpg

Matthew Hanna

Uncorrected 088.jpg

Noe Castellanos

Uncorrected 089.jpg

Rene Ortez

Uncorrected 090.jpg

Yadira Vasquez

Uncorrected 091.jpg

Giuliana Bendezu

Uncorrected 080.jpg

Shakerah Farrington