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Ms. Tegtmeier Room 24

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Announcement for all classes.

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. This year is going to be a great year full of fun learning.  Things to know for all content/elective classes:

  • Assignments will appear on the appropriate web page (on this site) - the school website can be translated through Google making it the best way to communicate
  • The best way to get in contact with me is through e-mail:  If you need to see me, before school is always better.  I am almost always in by 7:30 am if not earlier.  This year, my conference is 2nd period if you need to meet during the day which is: M,T,F - 9:08-9:56 and  W - 8:15-9:29.  Phone is the least efficient way unless you can catch me in my room during my conference. # 310.676.1197.
  • 8th grade science - Text books are for reference and can be checked out from the library if needed  - their participation, notebooks and attendance will be important.  Like 7th grade, larger projects and group work will be a big part of the grade.  Students will all be given a login for the on-line Science textbooks is important because the content will be spread among 3 texts.  
  • ​It is the student's responsibility to make up work when they are absent (and come in and get anything they need from me).  Please have you student come and see me ASAP if their is an issue with an assignment.  Project deadlines cannot be made up - there is always plenty of time to work on the projects.  Most last work (assignments) will be accepted up to a week with 50% credit.  After a week it will no longer be accepted.
  • Students with learning issues - I give extra time on assignments and am available for help.  Because I am project based, students with learning disabilities seen to flourish because it's hands on.  Deadlines/team work are the challenge with all students because of their age.
  • I offer extra credit for class supplies (one item per trimester). These are items for the student use and not for me (most are $.99 store items).  Items needed:
    • 1 box kleenex - student noses
    • 1 pack baby wipes (for their hands)
    • 1 ream paper (lined or copy)
    • 1 box gallon zip-lock bags (projects)
    • lab items - announced before labs
  • Suggested Supply list (in addition to pencils, pens, etc):
    • ​70 page (or more) quad ruled (grid) composition book.
    • glue sticks 
    • Colored pencils/pens (for diagrams/graphs/charts) 
    • calculator (They cannot use their phones anymore/science has math in it and I let them use calculators)
    • personal pencil sharpener with shavings cover
    • ruler (plastic breaks easy)

Do scientists need to have growth mindsets or fixed mindsets?


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2011 SET Awards in October

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