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Answers to Questions from Community Town Hall
Posted 6/24/20


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The Lawndale Elementary School School District provides the information in this document as a service to its community.  This document is intended only to provide general information on matters of interest to the community and is strictly for informational purposes only.  All information contained in this document is subject to change, and the District reserves the right to revise the information in this document at any time. 


Nothing in this document is intended to alter or circumvent any applicable legal obligations the District may have with regard to the subjects contained in this document.  Neither the District nor the authors of this document are engaged in rendering legal advice and make no warranty, representation, or guarantee as to the content, accuracy, timeliness, legality, or completeness of any of the information provided in this document.  The District makes this information available on an “as is” basis and assumes no liability for: (1) any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the information provided in this document regardless of how caused; or (2) any decision made or action taken or not taken by anyone using or relying upon the information provided in this document.                                   

Questions Related to Safety




Does the district currently have COVID-19 testing available for students?

We are working with our insurer and health clinic partners on testing options. LA County provides a number of free testing locations, which can be found at


Can you let us know as soon as possible how much sanitation would be included in campus and in the classrooms before you open schools so we can decide.

The district will follow public health guidance regarding cleaning and disinfecting. More information about these guidelines can be found here:


If students return, what is the plan for social distancing or wearing face masks?

The district will follow public health orders and guidelines regarding social distancing and face masks. At this time (June 24) face masks or coverings are required for students (except under age two) and staff.  There are some exceptions due to health conditions.


I would like to see in writing all of the plans the district has for student safety if they were to return to school. How many students would be in each class?

Students must maintain social distancing of six feet.  The number of students in the class depends on the size of the classroom and the amount of furniture in the classroom that takes up available space.  The district will follow public health orders and guidance to maintain a safe and clean environment. This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


What precautions and safety measures can realistically be implemented?

See answer to question 4. 


Are you considering what the experts are saying about the virus coming back in the fall for flu season?

Yes. The district maintains communication with public health experts in Los Angeles County. If we reopen schools and students return on campus, we must be prepared to close if there is an outbreak of the virus.


How will the students be safe if they are allowed to return to school? 

See answer to question 4. 


I have major concerns regarding the requirement of a face mask for children while on campus including carbon monoxide poisoning and the ineffectiveness of cloth face coverings from protecting against COVID-19.

See answer to question 3.


Children that are sick even with a mild cough shouldn’t be sent to school. Would anyone be monitoring this at school? 

It starts with parents, who should not send students to school that are sick.  We will reinforce illness protocols and emphasize staying home when sick. We will have protocols for isolating and sending home children or staff who are ill.  You can find out more about our plans at


The safety of my kids are my priority. If you can promise their safety and that they will keep distant and there protective wear by all means let’s go back but If you can’t promise then social distance learning

See answer to question 4. 


If you go back to school, is the school ready to take the necessary sanitary measures for all children and especially for the smallest ones?

See answer to question 2. 


How safe will the students be at school with COVID-19?

See answer to question 4. 


How do we know the kids will be safe ?

See answer to question 4. 


Will it be mandatory to send our children to school even if health conditions have not improved enough? In my opinion, they must follow social distancing.

School reopening is dependent on orders from the Department of Public Health, which closely monitors public health conditions in the County. The district is also considering various learning models (distance, hybrid, and return) through the Superintendent’s Task Force. 


For information on some of the guidance we will follow, please see the answer to question 4. 


Will the seating arrangements be different to practice social distancing? Will there be sanitation stations outside the classrooms?  Will face coverings be mandatory? Will there be wellness checks before entering the school?

Yes, there will be less students in a classroom to ensure social distancing.  All surfaces throughout schools will be sanitized.  Additional handwashing stations are being purchased. As of June 24, face masks or coverings are required. Parents must check students at home for symptoms.  We will follow the guidelines of the Department of Public Health regarding checking students as they enter school.  Please see the answer to question 4 for more details. 


How comfortable can the district/school make me feel to know that my child and their classmates and teachers are going to be safe. 


Are staff going to be able to monitor all children to follow social distancing in and around the classroom?

See answer to question 4. 


Staff will be trained on all necessary protocols related to maintaining a safe and clean learning environment. 


What are the new guidelines for social distancing within the school? 


What steps will be taken to ensure kids follow?

See answer to question 4. 


All students, staff, and visitors must adhere to safety procedures adopted by the district and/or ordered by public health officers. Training and/or information related to these procedures will be shared with students. Student behavior issues will be addressed according to the district's policy related to discipline.


When school reopen, how will the social distended affect kids with Respiratory and Asthma problems

The district will deploy public health guidance, including the handling of sensitive and medically fragile students, accordingly. 


My opinion as a mother is that the children will return to classes until there is a vaccine because the children do not have precautions to avoid any contamination.

Thank you for your input. The district is considering various models through the Superintendent's Task Force on school reopening. 


For more information, please see the answer to question 4.


In my case I am concerned because my son has type 1 diabetes and I don't feel safe to send him

See answer to question 18. 


Will students be temperature tested if they go back to campus? Will they be allowed to congregate at lunch?

Health screenings may be a requirement depending on public health orders and guidance issued by public health experts. Congregate settings will be limited, and students will need to be socially distanced both in the classroom and while eating. For more information, please see the answer to question 4. 


What if kids have medical conditions that make them more at risk could they get doctors notes to get distance learning only? 

See answer to question 18. 


If students return to school what safety measures are taking place? I want to make sure there is sanitizer in every classroom. Classrooms should be sanitized every hour. Temperatures should be taken before any students enter the school campus. If they have a temp they need to go home until they have a clearance from a health care provider to return to school.

See answer to question 2 and 4. 


I am very worried about the cleaning chemicals around our children with young developing bodies. Can you provide us with the reports and warnings on these chemicals?


I DO NOT feel safe returning to fall school for several reasons.  I would prefer another year of distance learning.

The district uses an EPA registered broad spectrum disinfectant that is not applied while students are present. It is not a new disinfectant, as we have been using it for several years. Staff are trained in the appropriate use, application, and storage of disinfectant. The safety data sheet is available upon request to the Maintenance & Operations Department. 


How will you accommodate students that are high-risk for covid-19 complications due to existing health issues?

See answer to question 18. 


Will more custodial staff be at school to meet the increased demand for sanitizing bathrooms, high touch surfaces areas, etc?

Our staff will work to ensure a safe and clean environment for students. We will adjust custodial schedules according to guidelines issued by public health experts, including increased disinfecting of restrooms and high-touch surfaces and objects. For more information, please see answer to question 2. 


Has the district looked into outdoor classroom possibilities? I do understand the great benefits of in-person learning, but find it hard to see it worth the additional monetary and logistical costs of opening school sites if each child is only getting 4 hours of in-person learning (and day care) per week.

The use of outdoor areas as classroom space is a recommendation by public health experts. However, we must also consider outdoor temperature in historically hot months. Creating additional outdoor space may not be financially feasible. The district is also considering various learning models (distance, hybrid, and return) through the Superintendent’s Task Force. 


Has there been research on the various disinfectants the district is looking into using and their short and long term health effects on young children? If so, will that research be made available before we agree to send our children back to school?

See answer to question 24.


If students return to school what safety measures are taking place? I want to make sure there is sanitizer in every classroom. Classrooms should be sanitized every hour. Temperatures should be taken before any students enter the school campus. 

See answer to question 2 and 4. 


I also worry about the restrictions and procedures that are expected by LACOE. Plexiglass, students 6ft apart, masks (kids play with them because they’re hard to breathe in, touch their face more, etc) no playing, etc. That instills fear and anxiety.

Thank you for your input. For more information, see answer to question 4. 


Questions Related to Learning Models, Student Work and Grading



I know it is a hard time to talk about new purchases, but I have published an app to Windows store and Google app store called Dictate & Translate that allows for translation of a language to multiple languages.

Please contact Julie Kane, Director of Special Projects, and share your contact information. 


How can I get access to the internet in my home if school is going to continue online?

Please contact your school’s Computer Tech Aide by going to the district website and clicking on the computer icon above the “Home Tech Support”.  


If a hybrid model is put in play for the foreseeable future of learning, could physical education & electives be what is taught when they are on the campus?

If we were to go to a hybrid model, the plan is to teach physical education and most electives through online instruction.


Will there be an option for parents that don’t feel comfortable sending their kids back to school? Maybe teachers that can do distance teaching?

We are considering distance learning as one option for the fall.


How can I get a Chromebook and hotspot for my children?

Please contact your school’s Computer Tech Aide by going to the district website and clicking on the computer icon above the “Home Tech Support”.  All students will be issued Chromebooks for the 2020-21 school year. 


How will the schools reinforce the expectations and standards to make students aware of the importance of submitting their work on time/taking their exams/quizzes?

We will create a student code of conduct for distance learning.  Teachers will also share their expectations and standards with all the students in their class.


If we continue distance learning, can there be more physical work? And can classes take place at different times to help out with parents’ work schedules?

Students will be expected to participate in their physical education classes.  Classes will most likely take place in the morning in order to have teachers work within their required work day.  It is important for parents to communicate with teachers and staff if there are issues with connecting during morning sessions.  We will handle conflicts in schedule on a case-by-case basis.


If distance learning continues, can you provide physical material and classes at different times for parents that work?

Distance learning will include synchronous (live) instruction and asynchronous (video taped) instruction.  Communication between teachers and parents is vital so that schools can design a plan to meet the needs of parents and students.


Can English learners continue to count on the extra help they had during classes while they are learning at home?

Yes, it is a part of the district-wide plan to provide support for English Learners.  We have teacher leaders assigned to each school to ensure that English Learners receive extra support.


Is there any chance that my kindergarten daughter (1st for the year 20/21) could grab a Chromebook like the older kids? 

Yes, we will provide a device (iPad or Chromebook) for all students, TK-8th grade for the 2020-21 school year.


My children have received no social emotional support from staff. If schools remain closed for the fall and parents go back to work, my children will have no one to stay home with to watch them or be with them to do their class lessons and school work.

If you need social emotional support, please see the district website and contact your school social worker, or call the District Office at 310-973-1300 and ask to be connected to a social worker.


Have you thought about hiring more staff to meet the needs of the school? I think the more small groups the more assistants will be needed.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has created an economic crisis, and our budgets have been severely impacted. We are not able to hire additional staff.  Our plan is to have teachers utilize small groups in their daily instruction.


If returning next school year still has a distance learning protocol, might I suggest making it a half day with 2 time frames like pre k? Less students in one class if they have to be 6ft apart and  wearing a mask the entire time seems very difficult to breathe with a mask on for hours.

In our preliminary plans for a hybrid schedule, students are scheduled to be on campus for a half a day.  Regarding wearing a mask, currently (June 24) the Governor of the state of California and the Department of Public Health require masks or face coverings.  


We need better videos of teaching a lesson.

Instruction for next year will be a combination of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (video) instruction.  The expectation will be for videos or live instruction to be much longer than five minutes.


If the students return to classrooms would they be six feet apart? Or A staggered schedule/block scheduling?

We will follow the Los Angeles County Department of Health safety guidelines of 6 feet apart and all students wearing a mask.  Staggered arrivals and departures are also recommended.  Whether we use a block schedule or not is undecided at this time.


We need more hours of online or group classes. Minimum 2 hours or more.

We are planning to set a minimum number of hours of instruction.  This must be negotiated with the Lawndale Teachers Association, the union that represents teachers.


I think it would be good to go to school twice a week so that they can be integrated little by little and in groups.

We are considering a hybrid schedule and whether it is feasible.  There are safety and financial implications when bringing students on campus.


Why is there only 1 hour per day of class. It is not fair to students to have 1 hour of education, and from that it's decided if they pass or fail.

We entered into Distance Learning overnight with 3 hours of notice.    In the future, the plan is to have more instruction and consistency for all teachers throughout the district.


In my personal experience with my Kindergarten son. He has not had any kind of Zoom meeting with his teacher. 


How are the Kindergarten teachers grading them? If distance learning continues I will appreciate an orientation for us parents to better teach our kids each lesson. Thank you

We were ordered to close schools on March 13 and did not have a Distance Learning model.   At that time, only  6th-8th grade students had computers at home.  We provided computers for 3rd-5th grade students in a few days, and all students next year will have an iPad or computer. This is why Kindergarten - 2nd grade had paper packets.   Zoom was not required for K-2.


Grading was based upon a student's ability to complete assignments given by the teacher. We plan to have consistent delivery of instruction, grading, and feedback. If we continue in distance learning, there will be a parent/student orientation in the fall to support them with devices, digital platforms, and daily schedules and processes.


If distance learning was a reality in the fall how are students going to be graded regarding their learning, assignments, projects?

We are reviewing digital platforms in which a student can submit work and receive feedback from their teacher.


What is the system going to be for Preschoolers? 

Preschool is similar to the TK-8 program.  The program is reviewing a full school opening, hybrid, and full distance learning models for the fall.  The LACDPH and California Department of Education guidelines will determine the model we implement in the fall. For more information please contact the State Preschool office.


With regard to special education children (autism), they need more supervision with sanitary measures, is the district prepared to provide this service?

There are safety guidelines we will follow for teachers and instructional assistants in order to service sanitary issues for students with these needs.  There is more equipment involved to protect both employee and student in these cases. We are awaiting more specific guidelines from the LA County Department of Health.


Have you guys considered expanding TK to all kids eligible for kinder that following year?

We currently serve all eligible TK students. If we had more TK-age students, we would expand the program.  We will continue to follow the age requirements for TK and Kindergarten eligibility.  Please ask the school site contact for specific questions.


Is there any way to measure kids’ progress, and if they look like they are at risk for falling behind they could receive more targeted interventions?

We are reviewing different ways we can assess student progress.  It is more difficult when students are not on campus.  We have personnel at schools and at the district to monitor student progress and provide intervention and support when needed.


I would like to know if families will have the chance to keep their children on distance learning even if schools open up either partially or fully until COVID is under control?

We are considering an option of distance learning for students with pre-existing conditions and those with concerns about being on campus.  


How will students in Dual Immersion be supported during distance learning? As well put together as they are, a flip grid a day on a vocabulary word (mirroring the current ELD support) is NOT enough for attaining bilingualism and biliteracy.

Dual immersion teachers will follow the same schedule and guidelines as other teachers at their grade levels for the minimum number of hours of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. In addition, they will follow the language percentages for each content area as  prescribed by the program. 


Why not make 2 shifts (morning, afternoon) so all the students could go to school 

As we plan for the fall, we have considered 2 shifts in a hybrid plan.  Due to the 6 feet apart social distancing and other safety guidelines, it limits the amount of students in a class (8-12) and there is a significant amount of cleaning that must take place in between shifts.  This is still under consideration.


What will happen to the children who received a “no pass” letter this year?

All students will matriculate to the next grade.  Those students who received a “no pass” grade will receive more support and intervention to ensure that they perform at grade level.


Is it possible to do hybrid days to help with having less students and staff in the facility at once? 

Yes, hybrid models are being considered, with less students at school.  


How will the district ensure that distance learning is actually supporting students needs? More small group learning? Will it continue to be pass /no pass, or will there be grades, & if so will middle school teachers start teachIng over digital platforms?

We will continue to collect data to determine the appropriate student workload, pacing, and rigor in a distance learning model.  We frequently meet internally and with other districts to determine the best program.  Whole group/ small group, grading, and teaching over digital platforms are being discussed.  .


My child has been receiving material that is way too simple and is only averaging 2 hours of work per week. Children need to be challenged and engaged in a curriculum that best fits their needs. 

We will continue to collect data (informally and formally) to determine the appropriate student workload, pacing, and rigor in a distance learning model.  Our goal is to be more consistent and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students.


How will the district ensure that distance learning is actually supporting students needs? More small group learning? Will it continue to be pass /no pass? Will  middle school teachers start teachIng over digital platforms?

See the answer to questions 63 and 64.


How will students be graded?  And I hope they don't go back to school until health is very well controlled.

Students assignments will be collected, graded, and given feedback.  We are reviewing which is the best digital platform to accomplish this. 

 Safety is our number one priority.  We will follow the guidelines of the LA County Department of Public Health.


It is important that for distance learning, Middle School should have a video conferencing schedule for direct instruction. 

Video conferencing was not required for this trimester.  As we plan for the fall, it is our goal to increase the amount of direct instruction through video conferencing.


First, thank you for the Town Hall. The information was informative and the duration just right. It was stated that the focus on instruction would be the essentials or content or grade level standards. Does that mean that families should not expect differentiated instruction? Everyone will teach the same content and that content will be the standards provided for that grade? 

In a distance learning or hybrid model, we have less instructional time with the students.  We must maximize the time with students by focusing on the essential standards for each grade level.  Essential is defined as standards that students must master to be at grade level.  It does not necessarily mean that there will be no differentiated instruction. 


How will teachers know if our kids need help or support? 


Also how will we get our kids help if they need it? 

Teachers know if students are engaged and are completing assignments.  Assignments will be collected, graded, and student progress will be monitored.  The teachers, social worker, counselor, and administrators all work together as a system to provide support for all students.  If there is a concern, a parent should contact the teacher and request assistance.


What if there are shorter school days? Only half days from 8:30-1:00 or maybe go back to tracks when only a certain amount of students are in session at one time?

If we select a hybrid or distance learning model, we would need to have less time on campus in order to serve all students and maintain safety protocols.


If distance learning continues how will you ensure that lower grade elementary students and all special education students are receiving FAPE that they are entitled to? 

If the distance learning model continues, technology will be distributed to students at all grade levels in order to provide access to synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  Special education students will continue to receive access to their special education supports and services to the maximum extent possible through a distance learning model. 


I think the schools can try a hybrid learning model in which each teacher divides their class in half and students come to school on certain days. They could have pre-recorded lessons and /or homework assignments and... distant learning on live zoom. Continue to disinfect the school, encourage hand washing, taking temperatures daily, wearing masks, etc..

These ideas are being considered as we review the hybrid (some students at school and some at home) or distance learning models that may be implemented in the fall.


If we open to a hybrid model, we must follow all guidelines from the Department of Public Health. 


If full distance learning is the only option- I will have to decide to homeschool on our own path.

As we prepare for hybrid or full distance learning, we look at several models and programs to ensure we develop the best program possible.  Both models are a possible option at this time.


Questions Related to School Funding



What will happen to Title I Programs; any cuts here?

Family Engagement programs/workshops will continue?

Which staff will be cut?

We have not yet received information from the Federal government on cuts to Title I.

We hope to be able to maintain much of the robust family engagement programs we have put in place. We hope to maintain the Community Liaison positions at each site to support these programs. 

At this time, staff members that have been given notice that they may be eliminated or reduced include staff members who hold positions that are dependent upon an in-person learning model.  If schools are closed, some positions will be eliminated due to lack of work.


Other Questions



For students who have an IEP, how will new goals be developed if progress was not recorded as previous years? My daughter passed her classes but I feel she didn't make progress towards the end of the school year.

If your student has an IEP, please contact your student’s teacher or school administrator to discuss this. Goals can be developed through online meetings or phone meetings.


At what point will we know more about how the next school year will go?

We will make a decision in July after the Superintendent’s Advisory Task Force has met and reviewed all of the guidance documents we must follow.  


In the event of school opening back up would there be an option of keeping my student home?

We are looking at both a distance learning and a hybrid model of instruction, and we will be surveying parents in July about their preferences.


How can we as parents help children to develop emotionally and not be stressed by the fact that they are unlikely to return to school?

Please reach out to the school social worker.  They are willing to share tips in supporting your students.  Also, we have information on the following link


When will we find out rather or not the kids will return to school

See answer 73 and 74.


Will it be mandatory to send our children to school even if their health conditions have not improved enough? In my opinion they must continue at a distance.

If your child has health conditions that affect their ability to attend school, please contact the principal in August to discuss what accommodations we can make. 


I'm concerned with wearing face masks all the time? 


Also, are they going to get more time for breakfast/lunch? 


What about recess?

At this time, the Governor of California and the  LA County Department of Public Health require face coverings for students and staff.

Food service delivery plans depend on our instructional model for the fall. We are considering in-classroom and take-home meals.

If we have students on campus, they will only be allowed to stay with their ‘cohort’ or group, so that they do not increase risk of transmitting the virus. Any recess or outdoor activity would need to be socially distanced.


How will the kids develop social skills and learn to have friendships in addition to getting an education?

Teachers, social workers and all staff have received training on social emotional learning for students and it has been an emphasis at each school.  Building positive relationships, empathy, and resilience will continue to be a focus of instruction for the district.


When is the official date to start the 2020/2021 school year ? Even if it’s distance learning.

August 26


Would it be possible for parents to make a choice for online learning or in school?

See answers in number 73 and 74.


With large class sizes how can social distancing be implemented?

We will only be able to bring in the number of students who can safely be socially distanced. The district must follow public health orders and guidance. This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


My daughter will attend middle school, as parents we were supposed to have orientation. Are we still having orientation? (When)

Both middle schools had held orientations during the month of January (Addams was January 30th) and February (Rogers was February 4th).  There will be another orientation during the month of August.  We do not have an exact date at this time.  Please contact the specific school of residence for further information.


My son is not able to keep a mask for more than 5 minutes. He needs 100% assistance, older kids may understand better to follow health dept guidelines but not small kids.

The district must follow public health orders and guidance. This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


Thank you for the survey and allowing parents to voice their opinions regarding the start of the new school year. Once again, my family would like for all kids to return to school all day, every day (not just 2 days). Distance learning is not the same nor does it compare to regular face to face daily instruction from teachers.

We would love to return to school with all students, every day.  However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the district must follow public health orders and guidance. This includes keeping students 6 feet apart and wearing masks.  This limits the number of students who can come to school. 


 This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


I urge the district to return to all day, every day schooling vs distance learning. The students are more engaged at school and participate more. With distance learning the kiddos aren't as interested and don't put forth the same amount of effort. If distance learning is continued the learning gap is only going to get bigger and wider. Plus, distance learning affects a parents ability to return to work and the families' overall well being.

We understand the challenges with distance learning for students and families. We would love to have everyone return to school.  However, during the pandemic, the district must follow public health orders and guidance. This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


Will we be given the choice for distance learning vs. going to school? As parents, we should have the option to keep our kids safe at home until California is on a steep decline with Covid-19.

See the answers to number 73 and 74.


Will parents leave children at home alone to homeschool themselves while their parents go to work? 

We cannot answer this question.  We understand that children need to go to school and that parents rely on school for child care. The district must follow public health orders and guidance. This guidance can be found from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Los Angeles County Office of Education. A summary of our plan can be found here:


I would hope that my child could return to school at least part-time in the fall in order to not fall behind. We are trying our best but distance learning is just not working for our family and work schedules.

We understand that this has been very difficult, and we know how challenging distance learning has been for students, teachers and parents. Many of our teachers were working while also having their own children at home. We must comply with public health orders, and that is what will determine how we return to school. 


Childcare is always a concern, we relied on RAP. My husband is furloughed so it’s worked for now, but a huge concern for next year. If the district does decide on a blended program could families decide if they would only want distance learning 

Please see answers 73 and 74.


Why were you so unprepared? 

Who will be held accountable?

We had not prepared a learning model for a global pandemic that required immediate closure of all schools.  We are accountable for preparing a distance learning model as quickly as we could.


We need more help for homework.

Please reach out to your child’s teacher and/or principal.


How can I register my 8th grade son for High School?

Please reach out to the Centinela Valley Union High School District


If kids go back to school , are the health guidelines including  the vaccine?

At this time, there is no vaccine for COVID-19.


I would like more support in math.

Please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal for more assistance when needed.


I would like an interactive activity organized at least once a week, with safety precautions in place, on campus or adjacent park.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider whether or not this idea is feasible.


Will the school maintain the social distancing



If schools were to reopen for the next school year, would all of the same teachers return?

Some teachers may not  return, depending on their personal decisions and district personnel movement.


My concern is the masks are not enough to control this disease

Please see the answer to question 4.


By when will parents know if students will be physically going to school or continue distance learning? Thank you

The Superintendent’s Advisory Task Force on Reopening Schools is meeting through July 16.  We will share plans before August 1st.


If we go to distance learning is it possible to offer parents/families training before school starts? 

Yes, we are designing online, live and videotaped, lessons for parents to access to better navigate and understand the various educational resources being used throughout the district.  In addition, we are attempting to minimize the amount of resources used so parents are not overwhelmed.   This will be available mid to late August.


As an engaged 6th grade parent, I found the middle school to home communication to be very limiting vs. elementary school. How will schools ensure that families are receiving effective and timely communication in any scenario next year?

We are aware that communication was inconsistent due having to close schools immediately without a communication plan for Distance Learning in place. The district will use common digital resources to create a one-stop platform to access all information for students, including communication, collecting assignments and giving feedback to students.


What happens if COVID-19 appears in the school....does the entire school quarantine? I think we should keep to distance learning until a vaccine is in place (and we show the vaccination card)

Thank you for your input. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will determine or guide if a school is required to quarantine or close.  We are awaiting additional guidelines for schools from the LA County Department of Public Health.  For more information see the answer to question 4. 


When will parents officially be notified of the learning plan for the fall, since it will affect job attendance or scheduling.

The Superintendent’s Advisory Task Force on Reopening Schools is meeting through July 16.  We will share plans before August 1st.


Greatly concerned about the impact on social distancing required by young students who want & require physical touch & emotional support. 

Thank you for your input. For more information regarding social distancing guidelines, please see the answer to question 4.


I cannot be comfortable with my child returning to school until I know a safety plan is in place. My child has also preferred distance learning because it is not as much stress or pressure.  At home I know I can keep my child safe, healthy and thriving. Thank you!

Thank you for your input. Please see the answer to question 4 regarding safety plans and guidelines. 


How are transfer students being handled? My son is moving to the 6th grade but I am not sure if he needs to get a permit.

This move should be automatic. Please reach out to the Student Support Services department for more information.


As a working single parent, it would extremely help if you can do lunch pickup before 7pm weekday or Saturday? 

We included a question about meal time pick up time preferences and overwhelmingly, families preferred picking up meals between 11:00-1:00. Perhaps reach out to your school Social Worker to discuss a plan for how you may still be able to access meals.


When it comes to budget cuts, will the superintendent and others in the district take pay cuts?

Salary rollbacks for all employees are being considered and would have to be negotiated with our labor unions. Any district wide  reductions would include the district office personnel and  the Superintendent. 


We would definitely want the attendance policy to be looser than usual if we are to return back to school. There should be distance learning opportunities for those that decide to stay home.

We are awaiting direction from the California Department of Education  related to attendance monitoring. We agree that students should stay home if they are ill.


My son is going to Kindergarten. He has been dreaming of the Kindergarten playground all year. Will that be off limits?

At this time, we anticipate that students will not be able to use play structures.  We will follow the guidelines of the LA County Department of Public Health.


What are the new rules for Parent volunteers?

At this time, we anticipate that we will not be able to permit parent volunteers on campus, based on guidance from the Department of Public Health.


The math is extremely difficult for parents and grandparents to help with

Please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal should you need additional support.


Can teachers provide weekly lesson plans and share with parents? How can we help children to improve physical education? Where can we get extra learning materials for all subjects? Can we check out books from the school library?

We are working with our teachers and principals to improve communication with parents.

Physical education teachers provide live and videotaped lessons.  There are an enormous amount of materials available online.  You can check out digital books from the school library.  We are in the progress of developing a system for checking out physical books.


If we have incoming kindergarten students and the year begins with distance learning, school attendance isn’t required until age 6, would students whose parents elect to NOT enroll them for kindergarten be placed in first grade the following year?

The district would examine each student on a case-by-case basis using the date of birth and school readiness based upon a variety of factors.  It is not recommended that a student skip Kindergarten and miss important knowledge and skill learned at this grade level.


Please let us know how we can help get our schools more funding to prevent layoffs and or program cuts.

Reach out to your local elected officials and express your opinions.

Assemblymember Autumn Burke

State Senator Steven Bradford


If the district continues with distance learning, will you provide computers to second graders?

Yes, we plan to have devices for students in 2nd grade.


What happens if the schools are fully open but I don't feel safe sending my student to school.

We anticipate we will still offer a distance learning model.


What about students with SPD and various sensory needs? That’s no environment for a student to learn in.

Considerations are being made for students with special needs. Please reach out to your child’s teacher for more information.


If LESD deems it safe to return to school, but I am not comfortable because I feel the risk is too high, can we continue distance learning?

Please see answers 76 and 77.


I hope that EVERY school teacher and staff will have a job to return to. This is no time to lay anyone off. From my experience the teachers are doing a great job at supporting the kids.

We would like to maintain all our staffing.  We are  also facing an unprecedented economic crisis which impacts our budget.


What (child care) will the school provide for students to go while parents are at work? Should students be required to wear masks, what considerations are given to students with sensory or medical issues who will not be able to wear one? 

Health and safety requirements make the offer of child care options challenging and cost prohibitive.

The LA County Department of Public Health offers protocols related to exceptions for the use of face coverings.See other answers above related to student social and emotional well-being.


How would congregation of caregiver pick up/drop off be regulated? 


Would there be any field trips?


What health checks would be required for staff daily? For students?

We will put in place protocols for social distancing.

We do not anticipate being able to have field trips.

We are awaiting final guidance from the LA County Department of Public Health for school entry protocols.