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Mrs. Peracha


Mrs. Peracha's contact information:


 Mrs. Peracha room 12  (310) 676-1197 ext 56012

1st 3D Printer at Will Rogers Middle School(Lawndale)


Thanks to Microsoft, Choosetocode.com and DonorsChoose.org, I was able to purchase a 3D printer for my technology classes.

 Click on the 3D printer for students and their projects.


Steve Jobs - One Last Thing Documentary


Bill Gates


Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates


Dremel #LearnMakeGive Contest (Mrs. Peracha's students won two 3D printers)


Dremel Education Facebook!

2nd 3D Printer at Will Rogers Middle School(Lawndale)

Thanks to Microsoft, Choosetocode.com and DonorsChoose.org, I was able to purchase a  second 3D printer for my technology and keyboarding classes.



            Computer Technology



Students' Work-Google Drawing!

Keyboarding Instruction and Practice,

By being able to touch type, students will  become productive learners. They will also be able to complete their assignments in a timely manner. 

Computer Technology

The world is getting smaller and the business world is getting fierce. As a result, our students need to get prepared for their future by being competitive with their peers. In the Computer Technology class, we will navigate via internet to explore the world. The business world is also very tech savvy, so our students need to be just as savvy with technology.


MythBusters Folding Paper


Circles: Radius, diameter, and circumference



Area of triangles



Perimeter and Area of rectangle and square






Solving one step inequality 3/25/14



Graphing Inequalities on a number line! 3/24/14



Evaluating Expressions with Exponents 2/24/14



Solving Two Step Equations 2/19/14-2/20/14



One Step Equations Multiplication



One Step Equations(+)



One Step Equations Division



Combine Like Terms



Distributive Property



Evaluating Expressions-Substituting values for variables



Proportions (Discounts,Markup, Markdown,Tax)



Finding the percent



Dividing Positive and Negative



Multiplying numbers with different signs



Negative times a Negative



Adding and Subtracting Integers