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Textbook - Prentice Hall

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My own offspring


Ms. Tegtmeier Room 24

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Agenda for all classes

Plan for week of 10/9/17



Consumer Science

8th Grade Science

6th Grade Science

GATE Advisory


Light/Optics lesson 2

Light/Optics lesson 2

Grade heat transfer notes/quiz



Telescope comparison – lesson 3

Telescope comparison – lesson 3

Using heat notes


Wed (short)

Into the Beyond

Into the Beyond

Using heat quiz

High school Powerpoint

Thurs (short)

Computer make-up day

Computer make-up day

Computer make-up day





Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. This year is going to be a great year full of fun learning.  Things to know:

  • NEW - Assignments will appear on the appropriate web page (on this site) on a calendar as well as in google classroom.  
  • The best way to get in contact with me is through e-mail: tracy_tegtmeier@lawndalesd.net.  If you need to see me, before school is always better.  I am almost always in by 7:30 am if not earlier.  My conference is 3rd period if you need to meet during the day which is: M,T,F - 10:03-10:51 and  Th - 9:33-10:47.  Phone is the least efficient way unless you can catch me in my room during my conference. # 310.676.1197.
  • Text books are for reference  - their participation, notebooks and attendance will be important.  Students will all be given a login for the on-line Science textbooks is important because the content will be spread among 3 texts.  Text books can be checked out through the library if needed.  We will spend the first part of the year in the green life science book (genetics and evolution)and the last part in the blue physical science book (forces, energy).
  • 6th grade Science students will need a composition book to be used as an interactive science notebook.  Consumer Science and 8th grade will use notebooks with grid paper (Staples has them).  I will have them available but if you student supplies their own it's extra credit.   
  • ​It is the students responsibility to make up work when they are absent (and come in and get anything they need from me).  Please have you student come and see me ASAP if their is an issue with an assignment.  Most last work will be accepted up to a week with 50% credit.  After a week it will no longer be accepted.
  • I offer extra credit for class supplies (one item per trimester). These are items for the student use and not for me (most are $.99 store items).  Items needed:
    • 1 box kleenex - student noses
    • 1 roll paper towels - clean up student tables
    • 1 pack baby wipes (for their hands)
    • 1 ream paper (lined or copy)
    • 1 pack pencil - (kids break/loose)
    • 1 box gallon zip-lock bags (projects)
    • 1 box quart zip-locks (good for vocab cards/small pieces)
    • 1 pack white index cards- activities
    • lab items - announced before labs
  • Suggested Supply list (in addition to pencils, pens, etc):
    • ​70 page (or more) blue/green composition book
    • glue sticks 
    • Colored pencils/pens (for diagrams/graphs/charts) 
    • calculator (science has math in it and I let them use calculators)
    • personal pencil sharpener with shavings cover
    • ruler (plastic breaks easy)

Important Documents - click to download






Skin Color


Bill Nye Explains Climate Change with Emoji


2011 SET Awards in October

2011 SET Awards in October

Arctic Ozone Loss

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Edison Video

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